our ROOTs

When you engage with ACTION you are partnering with over 60 years combined Sales & Marketing Experience. Starting all from Atlantic Canada, our experience has taken us across many borders in multiple industries all with the attitude that it can always be better when you focus on the customer.

Originally founded in 1984 as a real estate company by Graeme Scaplen in Saint John, New Brunswick, Action has a diversified history of success, with hands on experience in sales & marketing, hospitality, real estate, labour relations, management consulting and business development. Having been basically dormant in the family for a decade or more, a conversation in the summer of 2019 lead to the unanimous decision for a reboot!

With a wealth of perspective and experience in both the corporate and entrepreneurial ring, Curtis decided it was a perfect time to lean into his passion of helping people and businesses thrive in the Atlantic Region. The name says it all, it was time for "ACTION".


the action PLAN

Develop your business with the customer at the core. When you are crystal clear on who you are, you can be strategic about the precision of your brand delivery and develop intimate relationships with the customers where there is mutual value. We help Entrepreneurs, leaders and their teams cut through the fog and win in the market. It all starts with an ACTION plan.

business development

Marketing for the purpose of lead generation and leveraging relationships to grow or penetrate new markets. We can get you to the customers you want and who need you!

unlocking your brand dna

Know exactly who you are, and who you are not. Understanding the market, the consumers in the market and how you will deliver consistently on brand to WIN!

strategic action plan

You are 2.5x more likely to be successful with a plan, and 50% more likely to fail without one. SMART, executable plans require minimal investment for maximum return.

meeting facilitation

Improve the return on the investment of your time and your customers’ time. Leaders surveyed indicated that over 70% of meetings were failures or waste of time.

key account development

Become an integral part of your customer’s success by truly understanding the value you can bring them and how you can move up their buy-sell hierarchy.

personal development & leadership

As an Entrepreneur or leader do you have someone who is asking you the tough questions and holding you accountable to your own vision?


- Curtis Scaplen, President, ACTION Consulting


Curtis is a proud father, husband, entrepreneur. He lives to challenge the status quo and is obsessed with solving customers’ problems. He was born in Saint John, NB and is a graduate of the University of New Brunswick. He is a Business Development Specialist - Customer first, relationship driven leader who has over 20 years experience across many industries including but not limited to global Fortune 500 company Philip Morris and the Legendary Canadian company Stanfield’s Limited. His curiosity and need for continuous improvement has led him all over the globe having worked on unique projects in every major city in Canada and over 30 countries globally, building iconic brands, and partnering with some of the world’s largest suppliers. He is passionate about the “why” and since moving back from Toronto in 2015 he is dedicated to the growth and sustainability of the Atlantic Region. In his spare time he also volunteers for his church, as a connector with the Halifax Partnership and with St. Mary's University and their students to help develop our future leaders.